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Player training at DCSP



Building a player, forming the very fundamentals of their game and watching them flourish in the sport, is the very backbone and core of why we love what we do.


TRAINING WITH DCSP | Building the complete pla...person

Our coaching style is built on the very foundation and principles of technical training and ball mastery. We believe that teaching a player simple to complex motor functions and technical mastery at the earliest stage of their growth allows them to push beyond their limits, giving them the confidence to play with freedom and aspire to reach for their dreams as they get older.

We started DCSP to reinforce these core principals of the sport, and after working with so many players that originally didn't have a full understanding of how to engage, fully take advantage of situations/skill-sets or using their body correctly, usually culminating in frustration, it was clear that there was a huge opportunity to help these players as they learned to love the sport further.

We now train players from all organizations, clubs, teams and schools, not only in the San Antonio area, but also around the country. Some examples of these are; MLS NEXT, ECNL, GA. Most of these players didn't start in these organizations, but developed and grew under our tutelage over the years, now fulfilling dreams that they once had when they were little, while also striving for even more.


WHY CHOOSE DCSP | What makes us different

With multiple trainers, camps, and clinics available to parents and athletes alike, what makes us different from everyone else, you ask?


Firstly, our focus is solely on improving the athlete, whether that be by building the very foundations and fundamentals of their game, improving or correcting their already formed technique, or expanding their positional or tactical game to correlate to their specific individual or team position(s). Our goal is to make you an overall superior player, no matter your level.


Secondly, we are individual-focused training specialists. Single athletes or very small groups have always been a staple of our core philosophy, solely because it enables us to give a personalized approach to our training programs and the sessions themselves. In our opinion, larger groups are mostly less focused on the individual and more on the financial aspects of the game.



"Coach Duncan is not only a coach and a trainer, but is also our daughter’s biggest supporter"


DCSP’s style of coaching and training are unmatched by anyone in this area. As parents who value development above all, it’s easy to see why DCSP is the choice. The individualized training sessions consistently push our daughter beyond her limits and challenge her to work on every aspect of the game.


Our daughter takes any chance she gets to train with DCSP and that says a lot.
Over the years, our daughter, has risen to elite levels of play and has been noticed by USYNT Soccer and top college coaches. She’s been invited to a US youth national team ID Center and received college interest camp invites.


TECHNICAL EVOLUTION | Our core fundamentals

The essential tenet and idea of our coaching is to layer by layer develop, advance, and broaden a player's technical competence and individual footprint in the game.

We have all experienced playing against young and older opponents who were quick, technical, powerful, and aggressive. When it comes to a players dynamic  technical skill, ball mastery, power, and total body control, the majority of high-level developmental programs, professional academies, and ultimately competitive soccer, always have obvious technical disparities, we work to enhance your levels across the board.

No matter the player's age, when they start working with us, we make it our top priority to improve their technical understanding and ball mastery, not only with the ball but also with total body control, giving them the confidence to do whatever they want, whenever they want on the field—something that is far too frequently disregarded. Only later in an athlete's growth do technical skills, or lack thereof, really stand out, with physical traits typically being the primary focus at a younger age, to the cost of the athlete's overall progression.

Founder and Head Trainer of DCSP


Born and raised in Coventry, England, Duncan moved to San Antonio, TX in late 2012 and began working for one of the most recognized developmental soccer clubs in the City.


Born in 1979, he began playing at a high level in his late teens, playing semi-pro soccer in England for multiple clubs around the West Midlands, competing and winning multiple leagues and tournaments throughout the years, as well as personal recognition, receiving numerous player of the season accolades.

Specializing in Technical Ball Mastery, Agility Training and Conditioning, he has an unrivaled passion for building and developing players of all levels, with a core focus on defining a players motor functions and technical ability on and off the ball.

"When I originally founded DCSP, it was solely to bridge the gap in a player's technical ability. With so many clubs spread out within the city and the standard of coaching and the players subsequent training fluctuating massively (not just in an individual setting but also in a team environment), I wanted to give something back and share my knowledge and experience of the game with players, looking to improve and develop them on their soccer journey."

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